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Ear Beauty Therapists Association (EBTA)
EBTA promotes its distinctive therapy practices with focus on cheek lifting using ear acupuncture methods and offers training programs to nurture active therapists on-site. Additionally, we are dedicated in promoting ear beauty therapists and its attractive profession in both domestic and international markets.
Strength of EBTA
  1. Certified therapists with vast experience in ear acupuncture therapy are enrolle
  2. Offers Makeup Artist Institute's 40 years of education expertise through tie-in
  3. Provides extensive support for salon introduction such as transferring therapists and follow-ups to support the ear acupuncture jewelry therapy
  4. Offers high design products to meet various lifestyles

Association Profile
Ear Beauty Therapists Association INC. (EBTA)

Business Outline
  1. Promotion of beauty treatment therapy using ear acupuncture
  2. Therapist training business- instruction materials development and training sessions
  3. Association certification business; Implementation of EBTA certification program
  4. Ear acupuncture market reviews and reports
  5. Product development and sales
  6. Certified therapists deployment
  7. Other businesses approved to meet the objectives

Activity Outline
  1. Promotion of technical skills (trials and promotional events)
  2. Implementation of EBTA certification course
  3. Implementation of EBTA certification exam